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Bloxels Edu, a video game production platform, is one tool that promotes technical ingenuity. It allows players to make their own games out of merely eight blocks. This post will look at the benefits, drawbacks, and features of Bloxels Edu as a creative tool. This platform is also worth studying for anybody interested in game design for the classroom.

Additionally, by using Bloxels Edu, users may exhibit their creativity while learning important game-creation skills.

Product Summary

Students across K-12 can create and share their own video games using Bloxels Edu, a video game creation platform. Bloxels Edu empowers students to design characters, art, animations, backgrounds, and games without requiring any coding experience. With themed asset packs and regular updates, users have a wealth of resources at their fingertips. Bloxels Edu is ideal for educators who want to give their students a hands-on, creative experience that enhances their critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

What is Bloxels Edu?

Bloxels Edu is a video game development platform that allows users to build and personalize their own video games without any coding skills, according to the product synopsis. The platform includes an app for usage on numerous devices, as well as optional physical blocks and boards. Users may use these tools to design and customize characters, game settings, and artwork for their games.

Why choose Bloxels Edu?

Users should utilize Bloxels Edu for a variety of reasons. For starters, it allows pupils to create their own games and express themselves artistically. It also improves their critical thinking and communication abilities since they must consider the story and logic of their games. Furthermore, Bloxels Edu allows students to share their works with a larger community, which may be a source of inspiration and encouragement for them.


User-friendly platform that requires no coding experience

Provides a hands-on, creative experience for students

Enhances critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills

Allows students to share their creations with a broader community


The physical blocks and boards are not required.

Game development can take a lot of time.

A subscription is required

Feature 1: Build Your Own Universe

Firstly, one of the standout features of Bloxels Edu is the ability to build your own universe. Eight simple blocks, each with a specific gameplay trait, allow the platform to create an endless number of games. Additionally, users can draw their own characters and craft their own pixel art tiles and animate a cast of characters to make a game that is uniquely theirs.

How it works

To use the Build Your Own Universe feature, users simply select the blocks they want to use and configure them to create their game. They can then draw their own characters and create their own pixel art tiles to customize the game to their liking.


The Build Your Own Universe feature allows users to be creative and express themselves through their games. It provides a hands-on experience that helps enhance their critical thinking skills, as they have to think about the logic and narrative of their games.

Feature 2: Share With the World

Additionally, Bloxels Edu provides a way for users to share their games with the world. Users can publish their games in the Bloxels Arcade, making them playable by thousands of other members in the community. Additionally, the platform includes themed asset packs that users can use to mix and match, use as-is, or edit to their liking.

How to share

In the Bloxels Arcade, other members of the community can play games published by users. Users can also create customized games using themed asset packs. Bloxels offers a wide variety of assets, from characters and enemies to obstacles and power-ups, allowing users to create intricate and engaging games with ease.

Once the game is complete, users can share it with others by publishing it on the Bloxels Arcade. This allows other members of the community to play and enjoy the game, as well as provide feedback and constructive criticism to help improve the game. Users can also save their game to their mobile devices and share it with friends and family.

Bloxels EDU in the Classroom

Designed for educators, Bloxels EDU provides features, resources, and support to help teachers introduce game-building to classrooms, maker spaces, and clubs. With discounted pricing per student, Bloxels EDU plans include everything educators need to implement game-building in their curriculum.

Education Features

One key feature of Bloxels EDU is private student collaboration and sharing. Using the Class Library, students can collaborate on characters, game art, and games privately with their class. Teachers can review and monitor student work through the EDU Hub, which allows them to view student work, review and showcase their games and stories, and control sharing, arcade, and asset pack features.

Classroom Resources

Bloxels EDU also includes standards-aligned resources and activities. Educator Guides, including activities for different grade levels and subjects, as well as video tutorials, can be downloaded through the EDU Hub. These resources help teachers integrate Bloxels into their curriculum and ensure that student learning is aligned with educational standards.

Furthermore, Bloxels also offers various tutorials and resources to help users get started with game development. These include step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and a community forum where users can ask questions and receive help from other members of the community.

Bloxels Tutorial for a new feature

Classroom Activities

With Bloxels EDU, students can build games to “show what they know” about any topic. They can also build games to inform and persuade and to tell their epic stories. Building games helps students become confident digital creators and practice the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Where to use Bloxels?

The Bloxels app is available on multiple platforms, including Chromebooks, iOS, Android, Kindle, and the Web, making it accessible to all students. Students can create characters, art, animations, backgrounds, and more in the Bloxels app, and add narrative and logic to their games without using any code.

Educator Bundles

To get started with Bloxels in the classroom, educators can choose from a variety of bundles, including software-only plans or bundles that include physical resources. Class Bundles provide everything needed to start building games in the K-12 classroom. Educators with a Bloxels EDU plan also receive first-in-line VIP support for any questions.


To put it simply, Bloxels EDU presents an all-encompassing solution for teachers to incorporate game development into their syllabus. By allowing private collaboration and sharing among students, providing resources and activities that adhere to academic standards, and allowing for a hands-on experience with the Bloxels board and blocks, educators can assist their students in gaining confidence as digital creators and honing essential 21st-century skills.

In essence, Bloxels EDU is an extensive platform that enables educators to seamlessly integrate game-building into their teaching methodology. Through the provision of private student collaboration and sharing, as well as standards-aligned resources and activities, educators can help their students acquire the proficiency and confidence to be proficient digital creators. With the added option of hands-on experience using the Bloxels board and blocks, students can also hone crucial 21st-century skills.

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