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Hey there, parents and teachers!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect way to introduce your kids to the magic of new languages? Well, you’re in luck! As a fellow parent and educator, I know how challenging it can be to find engaging, effective, and, let’s face it, fun language learning tools for our little ones.

That’s why I’ve scoured the digital universe to bring you the cream of the crop—the best language learning apps for kids in 2023!

In this post, I’m excited to share with you a treasure trove of apps that are not just educational powerhouses but also bundles of fun. Whether your child is taking their first steps in language learning or looking to expand their linguistic horizons, these apps are tailored to make their journey both enjoyable and rewarding.

So, sit back, relax, and let me walk you through this handpicked list. Together, we’ll find the perfect app to ignite your child’s passion for languages.

Ready to dive in? Let’s embark on this linguistic adventure together!

Explore the Best: Top 15 Language Learning Apps for Kids in 2023

1. LingoDeer

Language Learning Apps for Kids Lingodeer

Hey, language explorers! Meet LingoDeer, a fantastic app that’s been making waves in the world of language learning for kids. It’s not just about memorizing words; LingoDeer turns learning into an exciting journey. Imagine a personal language tutor right in your pocket, offering interactive activities and lessons tailored for young learners.

What’s so special about it? LingoDeer excels in its structured approach. Each lesson builds on the previous one, ensuring your child grasps the basics before moving on. Plus, the personalized learning plans are a godsend for busy parents looking to customize their child’s learning journey.

The cost? It offers a mix of free and subscription-based content, so you can test the waters before diving in. Whether it’s Spanish, French, or even Japanese, LingoDeer covers a range of languages, making it a versatile pick for budding polyglots.

2. Duolingo Kids

Language Learning Apps for Kids Duolingo Kids

Attention, young adventurers! Duolingo Kids comes from the makers of the wildly popular Duolingo app. It’s designed specifically for younger learners, stripping away complexities and focusing on fun, engaging content. Think of it as the playful younger sibling of the original app!

Why we love it: The app boasts a kid-friendly design with a gamified approach. Learning feels like play, keeping kids engaged while they absorb new words and phrases. The bite-sized lessons are perfect for short attention spans, ensuring your child remains focused and entertained.

Free or paid? Here’s the cherry on top: Duolingo Kids is completely free! This makes it an excellent choice for parents and teachers who want a quality learning tool without the price tag.

3. Memrise

Language Learning Apps for Kids Memrise

Curious minds, unite! Memrise takes a unique approach to language learning. It’s not just about rote memorization; it’s about immersing kids in the language through real-world scenarios. The app uses science-based techniques to enhance memory and retention.

Standout features: Memrise shines with its interactive courses. Your child can learn through videos of native speakers, engaging them in an authentic learning experience. The variety of learning methods keeps things fresh and exciting.

Subscription details: While Memrise offers free access to some content, a subscription unlocks the full experience. It’s a worthwhile investment for a deep, immersive language learning journey.

4. Babbel Kids

Language Learning Apps for Kids babbel Kids

Little linguists, get ready! Babbel Kids is a newer addition to the language learning app family, but it’s quickly become a favorite. Tailored specifically for kids, it offers content that’s both educational and age-appropriate.

Why it stands out: The app focuses on real-life conversations, preparing kids to use their new language skills in everyday situations. Interactive games and a variety of voices and accents enrich the learning experience, making it feel natural and engaging.

Pricing: Babbel Kids offers a subscription model, but it’s worth considering for its specialized content and focus on practical language use.

There you have it—the first four contenders in our list of the top 15 language learning apps for kids in 2023. Each one brings something unique to the table, catering to different learning styles and preferences. Stay tuned as we explore more fantastic apps!

5. LingQ

Language Learning Apps for Kids LingQ

Welcome to LingQ, a dynamic app that’s all about immersing kids in the language learning process. It’s not your average language app; LingQ introduces young learners to a world of engaging content, from podcasts to stories, all tailored to language learning.

What makes LingQ stand out? This app offers a comprehensive approach to language learning. It enables kids to choose content that interests them, making learning feel more like a fun exploration. The app’s ability to highlight and save new words is a fantastic feature, helping to build vocabulary in a natural, intuitive way.

Pricing: LingQ operates on a freemium model, offering basic content for free while premium features require a subscription. This allows for a flexible approach to language education.

6. Drops

Language Learning Apps for Kids Drops

Dive into Drops, an app that transforms language learning into a visual and interactive experience. This app is perfect for kids who are visual learners, making use of vivid illustrations and quick, engaging lessons.

What’s unique about Drops? Drops focuses on short, 5-minute lessons, ideal for young learners with limited attention spans. It uses images and games to teach vocabulary, ensuring that learning is not only effective but also incredibly fun.

App’s model: Drops offers a limited daily learning time for free, with the option to subscribe for extended access and additional features.

7. Mondly

Language Learning Apps for Kids Mondly

Meet Mondly, an app that takes a hands-on approach to language learning. This app is designed to keep kids engaged with its interactive lessons and conversational focus.

Key features of Mondly: What sets Mondly apart is its focus on practical language use. It uses voice recognition to improve pronunciation and offers a variety of daily lessons, from vocabulary to grammar. The lessons are designed to simulate real conversations, providing a more natural learning experience.

Subscription info: Mondly offers some free content, with more comprehensive features available through a subscription.

8. Busuu Kids

Language Learning Apps for Kids Busuu Kids

Busuu Kids is a delightful addition to the language learning app market, offering a blend of learning methods and social interaction. It’s designed to make language learning a social, interactive experience for kids.

Why choose Busuu Kids? This app stands out for its community features, allowing learners to practice with native speakers. It’s not just about learning words; it’s about using them in real conversations. The variety of activities and lessons keeps learning dynamic and engaging.

Pricing model: Busuu Kids provides basic access for free, with a subscription model for more advanced features and content.

9. Reverso Kids

Language Learning Apps for Kids Reverso Kids

Reverso Kids is a vibrant and engaging app designed to make language learning playful and interactive. It emphasizes game-based learning, making it a hit with kids who love a fun challenge.

Highlighting Features: The app’s standout aspect is its focus on interactive games, which are not only entertaining but also educational. It uses a variety of voices and accents in its games, providing a rich, immersive language experience that captures the nuances of different dialects.

Pricing Information: Reverso Kids offers a free version with basic features. Premium features, which include advanced games and learning tools, may require a subscription or one-time purchase.

10. FunEasyLearn

Language Learning Apps for Kids Fun Easy Learn

FunEasyLearn lives up to its name by offering a fun and easy way for kids to learn new languages. It leverages songs, videos, and interactive activities to make language learning an enjoyable experience.

What Sets It Apart: This app shines with its extensive library of audiovisual content. Children learn through engaging songs and videos, which helps them retain new vocabulary and phrases in a way that feels more like entertainment than education.

Pricing Information: FunEasyLearn offers a freemium model. The basic version is free, and there is a subscription option for more advanced features and a wider range of languages and activities.

11. Learn With Oliver

Language Learning Apps for Kids Learn with Oliver

Learn With Oliver offers a unique, story-based approach to language learning. It’s perfect for kids who love to dive into stories and adventures while picking up new language skills along the way.

Key Features: The app’s strength lies in its use of storytelling to teach languages. This approach helps in contextualizing vocabulary and grammar, making it easier for children to remember and use what they learn. Additionally, the variety of voices and accents used in the stories enriches the learning experience.

Pricing Information: Learn With Oliver typically operates on a subscription basis. The subscription provides full access to all stories, activities, and language learning tools.

12. Lingopie

Language Learning Apps for Kids LingoPie

Lingopie stands out by offering a video-based learning experience. It uses authentic videos in various languages to teach kids in an engaging and immersive way.

Distinctive Aspect: The app’s use of real-life videos means kids get to hear native speakers in natural settings. This not only aids in language comprehension but also exposes them to different cultures and contexts, enhancing their overall understanding of the language.

Pricing Information: Lingopie offers a subscription model. The subscription grants access to its full library of videos and accompanying language learning tools.

13. italki Kids

Language Learning Apps for Kids iTalki Kids

italki Kids provides a personalized language learning experience by connecting young learners with native speakers as their teachers. This approach is ideal for kids who thrive in one-on-one learning environments.

Unique Selling Points: The strength of italki Kids lies in its ability to offer personalized lessons tailored to each child’s learning pace and interests. The variety of teachers ensures that kids can find a tutor who matches their learning style, making the experience both effective and enjoyable.

Pricing Information: italki Kids operates on a pay-per-lesson model. Prices vary depending on the tutor chosen, with options to purchase lesson packages at a discounted rate.

14. SpanishPod101

Language Learning Apps for Kids SpanishPod101

SpanishPod101 specializes in teaching Spanish through a comprehensive, engaging online platform. It’s perfect for kids with a specific interest in learning Spanish, whether for school or personal interest.

What Makes It Special: This app stands out with its in-depth approach to teaching Spanish. It combines audio and video lessons with interactive learning tools, providing a rich learning environment that goes beyond basic vocabulary to include cultural insights and practical language use.

Pricing Information: SpanishPod101 offers both free and premium subscription options. The premium subscription includes access to more in-depth lessons, additional resources, and interactive tools.

15. FluentU

Language Learning Apps for Kids FluentU

FluentU takes a unique approach to language learning by using real-world videos, like music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring talks. This method offers an immersive learning experience that is both educational and entertaining.

Key Features: The app’s use of authentic video content helps kids learn languages within the context of everyday situations, making it easier for them to understand and remember what they learn. FluentU is ideal for kids who enjoy learning through multimedia content and want a taste of how languages are used in various real-life contexts.

Pricing Information: FluentU uses a subscription model. This provides access to their extensive library of authentic video content and interactive learning tools.

16. Little Pim

lanuage learning apps for kids

If you have a young child who is curious about different languages, Little Pim is the app for you. Little Pim is designed for children aged 0 to 6 and introduces them to up to twelve foreign languages through fun and engaging videos. Your child will learn 360 words and phrases with the help of a cute panda named Little Pim.

Why choose Little Pim? Little Pim uses the Entertainment Immersion Method, which combines animation and live-action videos to capture your child’s attention and make language learning enjoyable. The videos are short and simple, covering topics such as colors, shapes, counting, and foods. Little Pim also provides companion guides and scripts for parents and teachers who want to follow along and support their child’s learning.

The cost? Little Pim offers a free trial and then a monthly or annual subscription that gives you unlimited access to all 12 languages and more. You can also watch the videos offline on multiple devices.

17. Hello English

language learning apps for kids

Do you want to learn English in a fun and easy way? Hello English is the app for you. Hello English is a popular app for English beginners, especially for Indian people. It teaches you spoken English, grammar, vocabulary, and more through interactive lessons and games.

How does it work? Hello English lets you choose from over 475 lessons that cover different topics and skills. You can also practice your reading, translation, spelling, and speaking with instant feedback and tips. If you have any questions, you can ask the teachers on the app. You can also learn from the latest news, articles, audio-video clips, and e-books on the app.

The cost? Hello English is free to download and use, but you can also upgrade to the pro version for more features and content. The pro version also gives you access to live classes with English experts.

18. Bright

Language Apps for kids

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As we wrap up our journey through the world of language learning apps for kids, it’s clear that the options are as diverse and colorful as the languages themselves. From interactive games and video-based learning to personalized lessons with native speakers, each app we’ve explored offers a unique pathway to language mastery.

Choosing the right app can make a world of difference in your child’s language learning adventure. Whether your little one is a budding linguist or just starting to dip their toes into the waters of a new language, these apps provide engaging, effective, and, most importantly, fun ways to learn.

Remember, the best language learning apps for kids are those that not only teach but also inspire a lifelong love for languages.

So, go ahead and explore these options, find the perfect fit for your child, and watch them unlock new worlds through the power of language!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best language learning apps for kids in 2023?

Some of the top language learning apps for kids in 2023 include LingoDeer, Duolingo Kids, Memrise, Babbel Kids, and others. These apps offer engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate language-learning experiences.

Are there any free language-learning apps suitable for children?

Yes, there are several free language learning apps for kids, such as Duolingo Kids and Memrise, which offer quality educational content at no cost.

How effective are language learning apps for kids’ educational development?

Language learning apps can be highly effective for children’s educational development. They provide interactive and engaging ways to learn new languages, enhance vocabulary, and improve grammar and pronunciation skills.

Can language learning apps help kids with school language courses?

Absolutely. These apps complement school language courses by providing additional practice and exposure to the language in a fun and interactive way, helping reinforce what is learned in the classroom.

What features should I look for in a language learning app for my child?

Look for apps with age-appropriate content, engaging and interactive learning methods, progress tracking, and a user-friendly interface. Safety and privacy features are also important considerations.

How do I choose the right language learning app for my child?

Choose an app based on your child’s age, language level, learning style, and interests. It’s also helpful to read reviews and try free versions of the apps to see which one resonates best with your child.

Richard Campbell

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